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Measuring OA state-level compliance and update on research data support of some Universities in Spain

During Open Access Week FECYT took part of an event in Madrid organized by REBIUN, the network of university libraries in Spain, two of the major library consortia CSUC (Catalonia) and Madroño (Madrid) and FECYT itself. The event gathered the two major existing initiatives nowadays related to research data management and research data repositories in university libraries in Spain and besides that, FECYT also show the audience the results of the study on the level of compliance of the open access mandate in Spanish funded research.

Those two projects related to research data are being developed by Madroño consortium (Madrid) and Catalonian universities consortium, CSUC. The initiatives have been taken steps forward both developing policies and infrastructure, but also designing new services to support researchers and fostering capacity building among librarians. Particularly, Madroño is gathering their main services through their website InvestigaM, starting from the DMP tool Pagoda till their new data repository e-Ciencia-datos. CSUC has also developed a tool to support the creation of DMPs Pla de Gestió de Dades de Recerca, besides a different set of guidelines to support researchers.
The report created by steering committee following up the compliance with OA mandate at the national level was presented by FECYT. The methodology and the limitations of the study and the steps forward for upcoming studies were the main issues addressed. Some of the steps forward to overcome limitations highlighted were the need to establish a project code structure at the national level besides the improvement on the identification and normalization of the funding information in repositories. Full text of the report is available to download in Spanish. Event recordings and event website also available.

Lastly, and just to have some fun learning about open access, FECYT has developed a short video (English subtitles) that can be accessed through this link: https://youtu.be/uaO4tpE1svE. In this short video, Aitor Menta, one of the participants of the scientists’ monologues contest organized by FECYT (FameLab Spain), explains what open access is and how to fulfill the mandates. Enjoy!
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01 Jul 2022

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