"National strategy of open access" adopted in Slovenia

The Government of the Republic of Slovenia has adopted the National strategy of open access to scientific publications and research data in Slovenia 2015-2020 on 3 September 2015.

The Slovenian and English versions are available at the Ministry web page.

OpenAIRE and PASTEUR4OA , together with project partner EIFL, provided a joint submission to support the National strategy during the public consultation process.

The National Strategy provides a good-practice example of a fully aligned national policy on open access to scientific publications and national pilot programme Open access to research data with the Horizon 2020 (H2020) Open Access mandate and EC’s Open Research Data Pilot and the July 2012 Commission’s Recommendations on access to and preservation of scientific information:

We also welcome the open access publishing initiatives in the National strategy requiring that:

We believe that open access policy alignment across European countries is key to:

The OpenAIRE project is looking forward to working with the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport and to develop the following free services: identification of nationally-funded publications and research data in Slovenian OpenAIRE compliant repositories to filter publications; browse by specific funding streams, project acronym and year; view specific statistics of the project: publications/data over time, open access status and where they have been deposited.

A specific page with overall funder/funding stream statistics will be developed providing facets over time, data source, institution, and funder correlated figures. This will help to ensure a quality process in identifying publications with funding information, and could be a powerful tool in the implementation of the national open access policy.