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New Open Government Partnership Action Plan in Slovakia for years 2020-2021

20191125_171912 (Open Science round table at Bibliosféry)
In the mid of November, a new  Open Government Partnership Action Plan​  2020-2021 was adopted in Slovakia, already the forth OGP Action Plan in order. The first one has already been implemented in 2012. The OGP 2020-2021 Action Plan builds on previous action plans. Topics concerning open data, open education, open science, open justice and citizen participation remain represented, only with new objectives and priorities:
1. Open Data
- to regularly publicly inform about fulfillment of ministry tasks (set up system enabling publishing of the fulfillment of tasks issued from the resolutions from SK government in a unified and structured form),

​- publish data sets and API (develop and put into practice publishing minimum for state administration, after annually publish data on open data portal),

- inform about using of finances (develop quantitative analysis of information disclosure in the subsidy scheme module)

2. Open Education

- to operate and support usage of educational sources (legislatively adjust conditions for introduction of an open licenses, identify person responsible for creation of open educational sources, promote open educational sources, monitor and publish database of open educational sources)

3. Open Science

- main task is adoption of National Open Science strategy (prepare and launch pilot projects at universities and in research libraries)

4. Citizen participation

- is important to create public policies and development of citizen society (promote awareness of the added value of cross-sector partnership)

5. Open Justice part goal is to spread public publishing of legislative materials at Slov-Lex portal (such as selected implementing regulations and internal organizational and managements acts of ministries and other central government bodies)

6. And last part, Feedback, is about monitoring of Action Plan (coordinate a working group and to submit OGP Action Plan for next period).

It has long been accepted that a national strategy is crucial for implementing open science in practice. In Slovakia there are no national OA/OS policy yet in place and a new OGP Action Plan gives adopting OS national policy the highest priority. Funding open access, the assessment of researchers including formal mechanism for reward and recognition, licencing and legal issues, adopting FAIR principles to research data and building OS technical infrastructure – all these strategic areas needs to be defined and set in the Slovak academic and research environment. At the moment NOAD team is mapping the initial situation to form the working group composed of all stakeholders participating on research and science in Slovakia. We will be also inviting input/feedback from researchers themselves to ensure that a national OS strategy is in line with the community's needs.

It is crucial to continue education on OA/OS for researchers, academics and librarians. In the next European Structural and Investment Funds framework program OA will be an obligation for receiving a financial support. For an efficient adjustment of OS strategy, it is necessary to know a readiness of research institutions and universities for OA as well as to make a thorough analysis of APCs paid by Slovak academic and research institutions.

For further development in the area of institutional OA policies, a pilot project at one institution is planned. It will be necessary to know HR capacity, possibilities for training, reward system for those who are publishing in OA, evaluation of research etc. In OGP Action Plan there is also stressed importance of citizen science - it requires openness for citizens to get involved in research. Citizen science in Slovakia is at its beginning – there are some projects running like Visitor from Slovak Academy of Sciences.

Open Science round table(s) for academic and research librarians at the conference Bibliosféry (25-27/11/2019) belong to the first discussion forums on this topic. The questions discussed included funding (country analysis of APC, money allocation from state budget), legislation (broadening role of academic libraries, transformation of Higher Education Act), R&D Assessment (link university and science evaluation, motivate authors to publish OA), infrastructure (draft „how to build institutionals repositories"), institutional policies (obligation to have policy, directive „how to", archiving in SHERPA/ROMEO), education (included in doctoral studies), promotion of advantages to private and technical domain, citizen science (engagement of public to science projects) and promotion of OA/OS in the press.

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27 Jul 2021

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