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Open Access week 22-28. October 2018 in Slovakia


 During Open Access week in Slovakia, we organized 2 events – a webinar and our national OpenAIRE workshop. We also provided materials for libraries, which they could download from our website and reuse.

The Webinar was held on 23rd October and was about Creative Commons licenses. Around 15 people attended. Our speaker Zuzana Adamová discussed the basics of how and where to use CC licenses.

The OpenAIRE Workshop happened the day after, on 24th October, at the Slovak Centre for Scientific and Technical Information. We had 4 speakers and 1 parallel workshop.

Our first speaker was Iryna Kuchma, who spoke about OpenAIRE services for Open Science.

The second speaker, Michal Růžička was talking about OpenAIRE Advance in the Czech Republic.

Our third speaker was Zuzana Adamová and she spoke about licenses Creative Commons.

Our last speaker was Stephane Berghmans with a presentation about Open Data from researchers perspective.

Iryna Kuchma also held a parallel workshop „Opening up research practice: tips and tools, funding opportunities for Social Sciences & Humanities researchers in Horizon 2020“ for postgraduate students.

The OpenAIRE workshop was attended by 60 people and parallel workshop by another 10 students. The whole event was recorded and people could watch it also online. We identified around 90 remote watchers during the event.

After the OpenAIRE workshop we ended with a showing of the movie „Paywall: The business of Scholarship“ attended by around 15 people. The movie was projected with Slovak subtitles.

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