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OpenAIRE EXPLORE: discover and share research #OAWeek


The Explore Service ( corresponds to the OpenAIRE Discovery Portal that provides access to Open Access research content. It is based on OpenAIRE's open scholarly communication graph that includes all research and scholarly activities, ranging all phases of the research life cycle.

OpenAIRE Discovery Portal provides end user functionalities which allow to: find the most fitting repository to deposit their publication or data, authoritatively enrich the underlying content (e.g., linking research results to funding, linking research results to external sources), view and download reports or graphs of aggregated research outcomes (e.g., per funder, project, institution) and their stats.

Ultimately promotes and even facilitates the reporting work to the European Commission, once all the work done here is automatically available on the Participant Portal.


Explore. Search for publications, datasets, software and other research outputs. See how these are linked together and how they are linked to funding and organizations. View statistics on projects and institutions.

Share. Select an OpenAIRE compatible repository so that your research is linked to your funding information.

Link. If you can't find your research results in OpenAIRE, don't worry. Use our Link Out service, that reaches out to many external sources via APIs, to connect your research results and claim them to your project.

Take full advantage of this service check these Guides:

How to report your publication and data to the EC:

How to link a publication to your funding: 

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