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OpenAIRE MONITOR's Developments in 2023: A Detailed Overview

In 2023, OpenAIRE MONITOR has experienced significant developments and broadening of its scope and functionalities. This year has been marked by a notable growth in collaborations and improvements in the platform's features.

Network Expansion

This year, OpenAIRE MONITOR welcomed 8 Research Initiatives, 3 funders, and 19 institutions, each integrated with a customised dashboard. This growth enriches the OpenAIRE MONITOR community, reflecting a diverse range of scientific pursuits and goals.

Enhancements in Institutional Dashboards

OpenAIRE MONITOR's institutional dashboards have been updated with new features, indicators and interactive visualisations, aiming to provide more detailed insights.

  • Fields of Science Breakdown: The dashboards now include a detailed breakdown by scholarly fields, based on the FoS Classification system. This enhancement is intended to offer a clearer understanding of trends and variations across scientific domains.
  • Open Science Composite Scores: The introduction of new composite scores for institutional-level Openness, Findability, and FAIRness aims to offer a broader view of research accessibility and management practices.
  • Financial Insights with OpenAPC Integration: The platform now incorporates OpenAPC data, providing a clearer view of the financial aspects of Open Science, particularly regarding Article Processing Charges (APCs).
  • Collaboration and Impact Metrics: The addition of collaboration and academic impact metrics, including download and citation data, is designed to provide a wider perspective on research influence and collaboration networks.
  • Alignment with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): The dashboards now align publications with SDGs, aiming to reflect the research's societal impact.
User Experience and Data Quality

Improvements have been made to the admin user interface, aiming for a more streamlined and user-friendly experience. Additionally, there is an ongoing emphasis on data quality, with individual meetings held with organisations to customise their dashboards and ensure the accuracy of the displayed data. Managers of research funding organisations are now also notified when their funded project data need updating by a warning message appearing in their admin dashboard.

Future Directions

Looking ahead, OpenAIRE MONITOR will extend the new indicators to funder and research initiative dashboards. Community engagement is also a focus, with upcoming Monitor Community Calls intended for collaborative indicator validation. New indicators are being developed to cover areas such as transformative agreements, Plan S compliance, and interdisciplinary.


In summary, 2023 has been a year of growth and enhancement for OpenAIRE MONITOR, marked by an expanded network and the introduction of new features to its Institutional Dashboards. These developments represent steps towards a more integrated and comprehensive approach to supporting the Open Science community. 

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