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OpenAIRE Research Graph: data dump of funded products


Identifying the research products (research literature, data, software, and other types of research products) that are funded by research projects and funders is key to realizing research impact or research trend analysis tools. The OpenAIRE Research Graph ( builds and openly publishes one of the largest dataset of product-project-funder links by harvesting metadata from data sources that comply with the OpenAIRE Guidelines (e.g., repositories, publishers); or by full-text mining the article PDFs when this is made available.

OpenAIRE's text mining modules scan the plaintexts of (more than 15Mi) publications for funding information, references to datasets, software URIs, accession numbers of bioentities, and EPO patent mentions. Custom mining modules also link research objects to specific research communities, initiatives and infrastructures. In addition, other inference modules provide content-based document classification, document similarity, citation matching, and author affiliation matching. 

In particular, Project/funding mining requires a limited set of projects metadata provided by funders in an Excel or similar file format, or an API from which OpenAIRE can periodically collect the data (

The table below shows by funder the number of projects provided, and the number of products related to projects.

Funder acronym Funder name Number of projects Number of research products Number of inferred links Number of collected links
AKA  Academy of Finland 28K 26K13K14K
ANRFrench National Research Agency25K60K50K9K
ARCAustralian Research Council30k50K6K46K
CIHRCanadian Institute of Health ResearchNo projects, only links to the funder77K40K35K
EC FP7European Commission FP7 26K372K260K1M
EC H2020European Commission H2020 35K894K78K820K
EC HEEuropean Commission Horizon Europe1.6KComing soonComing soonComing soon
FCTFundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, I.P.73K80K50K30K
FWFAustrian Science Fund16K25K25K20
HRZZCroatian Science Foundation (CSF)2K6K3K3K
MZOSMinistry of Science, Education and Sports of the Republic of Croatia (MSES) 2K8K3K5K
MESTDMinistry of Education, Science and Technological Development of Republic of Serbia77742K5K38K
NHMRCNational Health and Medical Research Council 33K21K20K400
NIHNational Institutes of Health (US)1.8M350K350K400
NSERCNatural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of CanadaNo projects, only links to the funder200K100K98K
NSF National Science Foundation (US)500K300K270K37K
NOWNetherlands Organisation for Scientific Research24K25K25K80
SFIScience Foundation Ireland3K10K6K4K
SNSFSwiss National Science Foundation78K85K28K62K
SSHRCSocial Sciences and Humanities Research CouncilNo projects, only links to the funder18K5K13K
TARATara Expeditions Foundation5900350600
TUBITAKTürkiye Bilimsel ve Teknolojik Araştırma Kurumu16K5K3K2K
UKRIUK Research and Innovation125K90K87K2K
WT Wellcome Trust17K100K95K20K
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