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Opening up Research on Accidential Injuries — „Tell us!“ project starts 8th of May 2018

Opening up Research on Accidential Injuries — „Tell us!“ project starts 8th of May 2018
Systematically opening up research processes has been the focus of several projects from the Ludwig Boltzmann Association Open Innovation in Science Center.

Tell us!“ is systematically opening up the research process within the field of orthopedic traumatology at a very important early stage: generating research questions. This ambitioned goal is based on the idea that substantial knowledge is created outside the academic discourse, but sticks within clinical routines. By applying crowdsourcing, this knowledge can be brought into research. „Tell us!“ is a paradigmatic change in medical research — involving all important knowledge carriers to improve diagnosis and treatment after accidents.

"What questions about accidental injuries does research need to address?"
Who knows best how to examine and treat traumatic traffic or sports injuries? The answer is: people who deal with these on a daily basis – i.e. physicians, therapists, nurses or orderlies. But the patients themselves have also gained first-hand experience that can be useful to research. This sticky knowledge is highly valuable and holds enormous potential for innovation to improve the care of patients. „Tell us!“ — a crowdsourcing project by the Ludwig Boltzmann Association (LBG) — will lift this potential by giving experts and patients a megaphone to speak up and share their knowledge on accidents and how to best diagnose, treat and rehabiliate.

"Tell us!" is carried out by the LBG, an independent research incubator located in Vienna, Austria. LBG is dedicated to bring Open Innovation methods into scientific research. From 8th of May, over a period of 8 weeks, experts and patients can contribute their research question via an online platform, with the aim to systematically spark new research. Share your expertise and spread the word!

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