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Ouvrir la science! 22 projects selected by French National Fund for Open Science


In France, the Fonds National pour la Science Ouverte (FNSO) has announced a selection of  22 projects that will help to shape and consolidate the French open science publishing ecosystem, focusing on platforms, infrastructures and editorial workflows. The total budget foreseen will be 2 675 000 EUR. 

The FNSO launched its first call for projects in December 2019. 105 projects were submitted, including 10 for the research infrastructure component, 39 for the editorial platforms component and 56 for the editorial content component. Around one third of the projects submitted concerned STEM disciplines and about half are focused on HSS. 86% of the projects submitted were led by a public sector body and 14% by a private sector actor. 

In view of the quality of the projects presented, the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation decided to increase the available budget with an additional 500 000 EUR, which made it possible to suport 22 projects in total , 5 of which concern research infrastructures, 7 about editorial platforms and 10 about editorial content. 

The support granted will in particular make it possible to make a real qualitative leap for essential infrastructures in the French open access scientific publication ecosystem; to support journals that make the strong choice of flipping to open access; to consolidate open peer review initiatives; or to experiment with new publication formats linking text and data.

FNSO announces that they will launch a similar call, again focused on open science publishing, at the end of this year and they have also announced a new call in 2021, focused on research data. 

This blogpost has been translated and adapted from the press release by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation and a blog post published on Ouvrir la Science!.



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27 Nov 2020

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