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Reflections on: SciLake Plenary Meeting


This November, the SciLake team held a plenary meeting in Barcelona to discuss the progress and future plans of the project.

About SciLake: SciLake is a project funded by the European Union's Horizon Europe program. Its goal is to change how scientific knowledge is accessed and used. The project focuses on combining domain knowledge with open Scientific Knowledge Graphs (SKGs) and creating useful added-value services for specific research areas. By doing this, SciLake aims to overcome the challenges posed by scattered domain knowledge, variety in formats and language and graph interoperability.

The project aim is to create a smooth integration of domain knowledge into open Scientific Knowledge Graphs, in order to foster a more connected and efficient scientific community.

Thanasis Vergoulis, SciLake coordinator

SciLake Pilots: In Barcelona, the SciLake team was able to come together to further discuss the SciLake pilots and the future of the project. At the moment, the team is building upon the OpenAIRE Graph to create a user-friendly "Scientific-Lake" service that is transparent, open, and customizable. Communities will be able to create, connect, and maintain their own SKGs with this service, and there will be a unified way to search and access the information.

Additionally, the project will develop two specialized services on top of the Scientific Lake: one to help users navigate the vast knowledge space based on scientific impact indicators, and one to improve reproducibility in research areas. Finally, during pilot tests, services will be customized, tested, and showcased for four research communities (Cancer, Neuroscience, Transportation and Energy).

Currently, the SciLake team is focused on understanding the specific requirements of the pilots to tailor the services effectively. Roadmaps are being developed leading up to the first release in June 2024.

The SciLake plenary meeting in Barcelona served as a productive venue for reviewing progress and outlining future plans. By bridging the gap between domain knowledge and open SKGs, SciLake is paving the way for a more interconnected and efficient scientific community. For more details on the plenary meeting, read SciLake's recap.

To learn more and stay updated on the progress of SciLake, visit and follow @SciLake_project on Twitter!

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