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Strengthening Research Data Management practices in Portugal


Portugal has been making an effort to develop information and capacity building initiatives for the different stakeholders in best practices and sharing of research data.

This intention has already been expressed itself in several ways, through reports from the Working Group for National Open Science Policy, which recommended the urgent need to promote and enhance the skills of researchers, with regard to research data management and sharing research data, and through the Research Data Management Forum, which annually encourages this sharing of experiences, while promoting the creation of a training and capacity building space for professionals. 

Recently, University of Minho develop an RDM Essential MOOC as a result of a request made by the Secretary of State of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education. This MOOC targets researchers and young researchers, PhD students, particularly those benefiting from FCT funding, from Portuguese higher education institutions . However, this course is also targeted to all professionals who provide support in Research Data Management (library and archive information professionals, IT specialists, science and data managers).

 The MOOC highlights the essential of RDM, having 6 modules in its structure:

1) Introduction to Research Data Management;
2) Data Management Plans;
3) Documenting and organizing data;
4) Data licensing, protection and ownership;
5) Sharing and depositing data in repositories;
6) Funders requirements for data sharing and publishers policies for making data available.

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16 Sep 2021

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