Argos automates the writing of DMPs

What's the hype? This new version of Argos goes one step further with repository integrations. It uses Zenodo to automatically retrieve information regarding the findability and accessibility of deposited datasets and allocates them as answers to the respective questions of Argos DMPs. Why it matters: This version fosters the engagement of researchers with data management as it guarantees less effort to manage data through their Argos DMPs. Moreover, it accentuates the value of Argos as a s...

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DMPs for Research Communities: Argos for ARIADNEplus

Context: A collaboration between OpenAIRE and ARIADNEplus started in April. The occasion was mutual interest to explore each other's Data Management Planning (DMP) products capabilities and exchange know-how that would complement current work and accelerate new advancements.

The products: Products involved in that effort are Argos, OpenAIRE's machine-actionable data management planning tool, and ARIADNEplus DMP template for archaeological research.

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