Research Data Management e-course

Introduction In Estonia, the University of Tartu Library and the UT Natural History Museum have collaborated for a long time. Natural scientists initiated the university's joining of the DataCite in 2014 to provide DOIs for research data and register the metadata of datasets. It is essential for a researcher to be visible in academia and to get citations and recognition for all parts of their work.  Since that time, the UT Library has been developing research data services and the instituti...

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OpenAIRE National Event in Estonia

The University of Tartu Library organized an annual OpenAIRE National Event in Tartu on the 6th of November. Focus of the seminar was on the future of Open Access. Various initiatives which contribute to the future of Open Access were included like Plan S, new Open Access publishing, Estonian route to Open Science policy and ORCID. Over 80 people attended the event.  Keynote speaker of the event was Jeroen Bosman who is a Research Librarian of the Utrecht University Library and Open Access ...

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Open Science in Estonia – two research reports

In 2017, under the supervision of Estonian Research Council, two research groups from the University of Tartu and Tallinn University in cooperation with the Estonian Academy of Sciences conducted research (surveys) on Open Science approaches in Estonia. Both research ended with practical recommendations for the future and are part of the process of establishing Estonian Open Science policy. Work of these working groups was supported by RITA program, which is funded by the European Regional Devel...

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How to Get the Maximum from Research Data – Prerequisites and Outcomes - Tartu, Estonia

On the 28-29th of May 2018, OpenAIRE organized a seminar titled: "How to Get the Maximum from Research Data – Prerequisites and Outcomes".  Approximately 60 participants attended the 2-days seminar that took place in the newly renovated University of Tartu Library. The welcome speeches were given by Martin Hallik, the Director of the Library, and by Kairi Kreegipuu, the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences. Both emphasized the increasing importance of the data as well as the challeng...

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Open Science policy developments in Estonia

Estonian Research Council coordinates Open Science policy in the country by organizing various events in cooperation with other institutions (including the University of Tartu Library, OpenAIRE NOAD in Estonia). In 2015, Estonian Research Council established the Open Science Expert Group which consists of 14 experts from universities, libraries and other institutions. The group has compiled a document “Open Science in Estonia” that includes general principles and policy recommendations, encourag...

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Open Research Data - the FAIRest Data is the Future of Science - Estonia national OpenAIRE event

Estonian OpenAIRE national event 2017: international seminar „Open Research Data - the FAIRest Data is the Future of Science   The University of Tartu Library and DataCite Estonia Consortium organized an international seminar on the 20th of April, 2017 held in the Tallinn University of Technology. The goal of the seminar was to bring out best practices from various data archives, show common problems of data storing and usage as well as to explore researchers’ point of view to the data. The...

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Estonian universities increased the access to research data and hope for further state support

In 2014, the University of Tartu (UT) joined DataCite , becoming the only organisation in Estonia that has the right to assign the unique DOI numbers to research data. In the beginning of 2015, the University of Tartu, Tallinn Technical University, Estonian University of Life Sciences and Tallinn University formed the DataCite Eesti Consortium with the aim of improving the accessibility of Estonian research data and making it easier for international community to use them, ensuring extensiv...

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