Research Data Management e-course

Introduction In Estonia, the University of Tartu Library and the UT Natural History Museum have collaborated for a long time. Natural scientists initiated the university's joining of the DataCite in 2014 to provide DOIs for research data and register the metadata of datasets. It is essential for a researcher to be visible in academia and to get citations and recognition for all parts of their work.  Since that time, the UT Library has been developing research data services and the instituti...

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FP7 Post-Grant OA Pilot Q&A with NOADs in the OpenAIRE South Region

Following an invitation from Universidade do Minho, an update on the FP7 Post-Grant OA Pilot was delivered on July 28th at the monthly coordination meeting for the OpenAIRE NOADS in the South Region, including Portugal, Spain, Italy, Malta, Greece, Cyprus and Turkey. This included a short presentation and a 30 mins Q&A session where different aspects of the initiative were discussed with the NOAD representatives.Lists of eligible FP7 projects were shared prior to the event with the NOADs for...

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OpenAIRE NOADs and the FP7 Post-Grant OA publishing funds Pilot dissemination

Following the FP7 Post-Grant OA publishing funds Pilot webinar for National Open Access Desks (NOADs) held last May 19th, some NOADs expressed their interest in supporting the initiative by having it disseminated to institutions and researchers in their countries. The Pilot welcomed this offer and committed to sharing best practices in dissemination arising from the work of the most proactive NOADs, which could provide a useful example for others to follow. This post provides a summary of the di...

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OpenAIRE NOADs and the EC FP7 post-grant Gold Open Access Pilot

A first webinar on the EC Gold Open Access Pilot was delivered to OpenAIRE National Open Access Desks (NOADs) on May 19th following the release of the Pilot policy guidelines on May 7th. The main aim of this dissemination activity was to provide an update on the current state of the Pilot to the OpenAIRE node institutions across the EU that will collaborate with LIBER in further disseminating the initiative in their respective countries.The webinar, which was hosted by EIFL, had 32 attendees fro...

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