Open Access and Research Data management: Horizon 2020 and Beyond in Ireland.

Open Access and Research Data management: Horizon 2020 and Beyond in Ireland.

In April of this year University College Cork (UCC) hosted a 2-day training event focusing on Open Access Data in Horizon 2020. The event was sponsored by FOSTER and organized jointly by UCC Boole Library and Repository Network Ireland. Day one was aimed at researchers and others who were interested in developing Horizon 2020 proposals. The speakers on day one were•    Martin Donnelly from the Digital Curation Centre (DCC) (Martin was unable to attend on the day so his presentation were taped in...

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 Netherlands national Open Access website renewedThe Netherlands national website on open access has been completely revamped. It now has a new, up-to-date look and is more interactive. provides information in both Dutch and English about key open access developments in the Netherlands. The site also presents general up-to-date information on open access, a subject that is important for scholarship at home and abroad.Here are the most important changes: All information ...

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