Open Access week 22-28. October 2018 in Slovakia

  During Open Access week in Slovakia, we organized 2 events – a webinar and our national OpenAIRE workshop. We also provided materials for libraries, which they could download from our   website   and reuse. The Webinar  was held on 23rd October and was about  Creative Commons  licenses. Around 15 people attended. Our speaker  Zuzana Adamová  discussed the basics of how and where to use CC licenses. The OpenAIRE Workshop happened the day after, on 24...
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OpenAIRE keep its sustained growth: look at some of the new Content Providers

Over the last months OpenAIRE have integrated new Content Providers, from a variety of typologies, as Institutional, Thematic and Data Repositories, Journal Aggregators / Publishers, Journals and Publication Repository / Aggregators. There are currently 1155 Compatible Content Providers compatible with the OpenAIRE guidelines , covering a diversity of geographies and content typologies (publications, research data, software), representing currently over  24 million publications and 688,870 datas...
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The Open Belgium Conference: Open Science as part of responsible research

This year, Open Knowledge Belgium picked the beautiful city of Antwerp as the place to be for all open knowledge, open source and open data enthusiasts. The variety of speakers at the Open Belgium Conference clearly mirrors the mission of Open Knowledge Belgium: opening up knowledge in Belgium trough community driven ways connecting four main actors: community, researchers, governments and industries. The conference consisted of a number of sessions with a wide variety of topics ranging from ope...
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RIAN OpenAIRE Day and Workshop

An OpenAIRE Day and Workshop will take place in Dublin on the 27 th of November 2015. This day is being sponsored by the RIAN Board and organised by the RIAN Technical & Communications Group. Who should attend? Repository Managers, Librarians, Data Managers & Funders Why you should attend? Understand funder perspectives. Learn how to comply with funder mandates for H2020 and OpenAIRE. Provide the context for open access publications in the research environment. Share best practice about ...
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