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GraspOS Pilot Workshop in Finland

This November, members of the GraspOS team met in Espoo, Finland for the Pilot Workshop. This workshop, hosted by the Center of Science (CSC), offered a chance for participants to gain insights into the Open Science Assessment Framework (OSAF) and what should be valued in terms of research assessment. About OSAF: OSAF is a research assessment framework developed under the GraspOS project that serves as a guide on how to conduct evaluations. The goal of the framework is to record assessments and ...

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Year in Review: PathOS

About PathOS: Launched in September 2022, PathOS is a three-year Horizon Europe project that brings together 10 partners to decode and measure the multifaceted impacts of Open Science (OS). With a focus on elucidating the causal dynamics within OS, the project caters to an audience spanning policymakers, researchers, and the wider scientific community. At its core, PathOS is about forging innovative methodologies and tools, and deepening understanding to shape impactful Open Science policies. De...

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