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Supporting Open Science in the Czech Republic

I consider OpenAIRE to be an essential research infrastructure. by Michal Růžička The OpenAIRE team has the pleasure of speaking to our NOAD in the Czech Republic, Michal Růžička, Head of the Data Security and Management at the Masaryk University.  Read his reflections on Open Science.    How does Masaryk University support Open Science in the Czech Republic? Masaryk University (MU) has a strong position in support of Open Science in the Czech Re...

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DMPs for Research Communities: Argos for ARIADNEplus

Context: A collaboration between OpenAIRE and ARIADNEplus started in April. The occasion was mutual interest to explore each other's Data Management Planning (DMP) products capabilities and exchange know-how that would complement current work and accelerate new advancements.

The products: Products involved in that effort are Argos, OpenAIRE's machine-actionable data management planning tool, and ARIADNEplus DMP template for archaeological research.

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Text Mining Services in OpenAIRE

Recently in Athens there was an impressive kick-off of the OpenAIRE2020 project, during which we presented OpenAIRE’s plans in the area of text and data mining of scholarly publications. Publications contain all kinds of rich information, which, although understandable to a human reader, are not machine-readable and thus cannot be used directly for indexing and recommending purposes. Authors’ affiliations, document classifications, references to biological and chemical databases, acknowledgement...

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