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GraspOS Pilot Workshop in Finland

This November, members of the GraspOS team met in Espoo, Finland for the Pilot Workshop. This workshop, hosted by the Center of Science (CSC), offered a chance for participants to gain insights into the Open Science Assessment Framework (OSAF) and what should be valued in terms of research assessment. About OSAF: OSAF is a research assessment framework developed under the GraspOS project that serves as a guide on how to conduct evaluations. The goal of the framework is to record assessments and ...

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Fair data management: best practices and open issues - 14-15 November, Florence, Italy

A two day workshop was held in Florence on November 14th -15th on  sharing, reuse, and reproducibility, curation of  research data. OpenAIRE-Italy (CNR-ISTI and NOAD) was strongly engaged in organizing the event, promoted and sponsored by RDA Europe in collaboration with the universities of Turin, Milan, Bologna, Parma and with the patronage of AISA - the Italian Association for the promotion of Open Science. In light of the FAIR principles and their recent adoption in the EC Guideline...

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Alternative Funding Mechanism Workshop for APC-free Open Access journals (Dec 19th, KB, The Hague)

The Alternative Funding Mechanism for APC-free Open Access journals and platforms is a parallel workline being implemented under the EC FP7 Post-Grant Open Access Pilot as a means to provide a balance to the standard workflow for funding Article and Book Processing Charges for publications arising from finished FP7 projects. This alt-funding mechanism aims to support the technical strengthening of such APC-free OA journals as a means to make them more reliable and better quality venues for publi...

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