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The number of OpenAIRE data providers is constantly growing - check out some of the newest in 2016

The OpenAIRE information space continues its regular and considerable growth. The OpenAIRE portal now includes almost 18 million records, over 16 million Open Access publications and 23629 datasets from 760 compatible data providers (www.openaire.eu/search/find).
Take a look at some data providers that have recently contributed to increase the number of Open Access documents (new data providers in 2016):
See a periodic overview of these new data providers in the following slideshare presentations:
  1. January-February 2016: http://www.slideshare.net/OpenAIRE_eu/2016-openaire-data-providers-some-of-the-most-recent-from-january-february
  2. March-May 2016: http://www.slideshare.net/OpenAIRE_eu/openaire-data-providers-some-of-the-most-recent-from-march-april-and-may-2016
  3. June-July 2016: http://www.slideshare.net/OpenAIRE_eu/new-openaire-data-providers-some-of-the-most-recent-from-june-and-july-2016
And check out the OpenAIRE compatible data providers list: www.openaire.eu/search/data-providers.

OpenAIRE is an OA infrastructure integrating and linking entities from a wide range of scholarly resources (see our content acquisition policy). When your content is harvested by OpenAIRE, you automatically comply with the EC’s policies on Open Access.OpenAIRE has defined a series of Interoperability Guidelines to assist data providers expose their content in an interoperable format.

  1. Literature repositories: use of vocabularies, and how to provide links to funding and other research entities (e.g., datasets), and access rights
  2. Data repositories: based on the latest DataCite XML Schema, extended with information on links to funding and access rights.
  3. CRIS systems: compatible with CERIF (EuroCRIS)

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21 Jan 2021

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