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The University of Split has adopted an Open Science Policy


On March 30th, 2023, the Senate of the University of Split held a meeting in which they approved the student enrollment plan for the academic year 2023/2024, as well as the proposal for a new program for the University specialist study in General Surgery at the School of Medicine in Split. The Senate also adopted the Action Plan for the Human Resources Strategy for Researchers for the period 2023-2025 and the Open Science Policy of the University of Split.

Based on the Croatian Declaration on Open Access from 2012, UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science from 2021, the Research and innovation strategy 2020-2024: EU Open Science Policy, the EU Commission's Recommendations on access to and preservation of Scientific Information, and the University of Split's Scientific Strategy 2022-2026, the University of Split has adopted an Open Science Policy whose aim is to make the results of scientific research openly available, accessible and reusable, increase scientific collaboration and information exchange for the benefit of science and society, and direct the processes of knowledge creation beyond the traditional scientific community.

The Open Science Policy aims to achieve some of the objectives of the European Open Science Policy, such as aligning data with FAIR principles and openly sharing them, making all peer-reviewed scientific publications available, ensuring the integrity of research and the reproducibility of research results, and more. The University of Split encourages authors to deposit published publications, research data, educational materials for learning and teaching, and research software/codes in the institutional repository as early and openly as possible. The creation of a Data Management Plan before the start of the research process is also encouraged, and Open Science is promoted through educational activities, as well as other forms of Open Science, particularly active involvement of the public and citizens in the research process and data management. Finally, a glossary of definitions of terms used is included for a better understanding of the policy's content.

The University of Split has become the second Croatian university to adopt an Open Science Policy, with the University of Rijeka having adopted its policy in September 2021.

To learn more about the principles of research and values of the University, as well as the Open Science Policy of the University of Split, please visit their website.
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