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Training session on research data at the French national school for librarians

Training session on research data at the French national school for librarians
On the 9th and 10th of march 2015, a training session on research data took place in Lyon, at the National school for librarians. The session was chaired by Monique Joly, head of the INSA Lyon library (School of Engineering) and of Couperin’s department services and forecasting studies. Around 20 librarians gathered to learn or share their experience on research data curation.
The goal of this continuing training session for librarians was to define the challenges of the preservation, the sharing and of the management of research data. Very concrete projects from different research institutions in France and abroad, were presented.
On this occasion, André Dazy, NOAD for OpenAIRE2020, gave a speech titled “Europe, OpenAIRE and research data”.

[caption id="attachment_333" align="alignleft" width="300"] Example data management plan

Many institutions in France are about to adopt a Data Management Plan for their research data. This training session has been a good means of sharing the skills some of them already have: for example, a document realized by two universities Paris Diderot and Paris Descartes “How to realise a DMP” was distributed to the attendees and made available online.

This document was written by three persons: a librarian, an archivist and someone in charge of the valorization of the research. It shows the importance of working together, even among different professions and different institutions to make things happen. This synergy enables a global view and helps to reach out more effectively the target audience.
This kind of training designed for librarians is definitely also a good way of spreading good practices among the institutions because, most of the time, they have to support the researchers with the curation of the data and they are the ones to make the data open access.

André Dazy
NOAD France

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