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Transitioning towards Open Access: New assignments for the National Library of Sweden

Transitioning towards Open Access: New assignments for the National Library of Sweden

As of 2018, the National Library of Sweden (NLS) has received two new assignments from the Swedish Government regarding open access to publicly funded scientific publications. These will serve to monitor and assess national developments towards Open Access.

First, the NLS shall report the total cost of publication in Sweden, comprising subscription fees, publication charges (APCs), and additional administrative expenses.

Secondly, the NLS will develop assessment criteria based on the FAIR data principles to determine if publicly funded scientific publications align with the national objective of being fully open access by 2026. The FAIR principles are generally related to research data, and not to publications. However, as National Librarian Gunilla Herdenberg states: ‘research results should also be findable and accessible as well as interoperable and reusable.’

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FAIR Data Principles: Findable, accessbile, interoperable, reusable. [Source]

The Swedish Research Council has received a similar assignment and will develop assessment criteria to determine to which extent research data, resulting from public funding, meet the FAIR principles. In consultation with the Swedish Research Council, and by combining their findings, the NLS will present a comprehensive overview of the extent to which publicly funded research outputs of all kinds meet the FAIR principles. The assignment will be reported to the Swedish Ministry of Education in early 2019.

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