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Turkey Research Data and Open Data Task Force Established

In Turkey a Research Data and Open Data Task Force comprised of librarians from 6 Research Universities and selected 4 Foundation Universities has been established with approval of the institutions' managers.

At the 7th National Open Science Conference and OpenAIRE Advance Workshop hosted by Izmir Institute of Technology on 20 November 2019, Prof. Dr. Naci Gundogan, Executive Board Member of the CoHE & Chairman of the CoHE Open Science Committee, declared of the formally creation of "Turkey Research Data and Open Data Task Force" sub-working group. This task force also will carry out priority studies on translating created documents by RDM Group working under OpenAIRE Advance Project, and adapting these documents to universities in Turkey.
The targets of this group are:
  • Research data management for Turkish Universities,
  • Preparing a data management plan,
  • Following developments in the world about research data such as open data,
  • Cooperating with relevant institutions in Turkey,
  • Providing trainings on RDM,
  • Supporting the creation of interoperable systems in particular with Europe,
  • Preparing reports,
  • Making translations…

The Members and Structure of the Task Force:

Coordinator: Gultekin Gurdal, Izmir Institute of Technology, and National Open Access Desk of OpenAIRE.
Secretariat: Gonul Kafali Can, Izmir Institute of Technology
• Marta Teperek, Delft Technical University, Netherlands
• Yasemin Türkyilmaz-van der Velden, Delft Technical University, Netherlands
• İlkay Holt, Confederation of Open Access Repositories

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27 Jun 2022

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