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Use cases of Institutional RDM Support - OpenAIRE blog series

planning for Institutional RDM support

June 2020, Ellen Leenarts on behalf of the team

Image by Patrick Hochstenbach CC-BY
How do universities organise their institutional Research Data Management Support? When starting to ponder this task a lot of questions may arise. Is Research Data Management Support a separate division or more a kind of network of experts? What kind of support is provided? Is there group training involved,1:1 guidance, or is there a set of tools offered. And how do researchers get to know about the RDM support offered? The OpenAIRE task force on RDM set out to take a deeper look, and we made it personal (or at least, institutional)! The below is an overview of how the OpenAIRE network has produced a series of blogs for institutional RDM support.

In OpenAIRE Advance a programme involving many NOADs working on task forces, exists to enable capacity building, competencies and awareness raising on different relevant open science topics. There are two task forces, one on Policies and Legal Guidelines, and one on Research Data Management. The task forces have produced many guides, webinars and blogs demonstrating a vertical approach for knowledge exchange1.

A wide array of publications and training on how to organise Research Data Management Support in research institutions2 do already exist. However the members of the task force, being often involved in RDM support in their own universities, felt a need to have access to more practical examples to support them and others in their work of setting up and maintaining RDM support services. Some universities, like the Technical University Delft in the Netherlands already share their experiences, such in the case of Delft, where a model of data stewards on domain level was set up3. If you are interested in how other universities have approached this, see the list of practice references below.

'Showing First hand experience' The OpenAIRE BLOG SERIES

DMP workshops at the University of Helsinki

To provide more hands-on examples of setting up RDM support, the task force set out to write a number of blogs about RDM support at research institutions providing both first hand experience of the process and bottom-up input for other institutions in the process of setting up RDM support.

The published blog posts so far are:

The first blog on institutional RDM support in practice was published in June 2019 and contained the practice at the University of Helsinki, Finland. As the blog was well received, two other blogs were published soon after. One blog identified the challenges faced at Ghent University, Belgium. A third blog detailed the organisation of RDM support at the University of Vienna, Austria. The fourth and last blog of the series features a recently started open science project that is expected to boost the RDM support provided at the Masaryk University (Czech Republic).

Not surprising the practices of institutional RDM support have some elements in common. These include factors such as: It takes a long time it took to get officially organised and set up internal procedures, the multidisciplinary teams of experts the support usually relies on and the type of training and support materials it provides. 

The blogs also show the professionalism this support has achieved. Surely inspiration is also expected from initiatives such as from the (to be formed) RDA Interest Group for Data Stewards professionalism4. In the blogs it is clear that the first step in organising institutional RDM support is to achieve management support and funds and then start with a small group of enthusiastic experts, collaborate with experts nationally and make sure clear RDM policies and support are in place in due time.

Workshop 'Getting Started with RDM Support' at Kaunas University of Technology: Towards research data management support in Lithuania
For further reading on approaches to organise institutional RDM support in practice, see the reference list below. 


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Special thanks to Susanne Blumesberger and her colleagues who created this list.


1 For a list of outcomes, see:

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