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Workshop about the future of scholarly journals in Slovakia


​In Bratislava on April 11, 2019 we held a workshop on the future of scholarly journals in Slovakia. This was the second time we organized a workshop dedicated solely to Open Access journals. The main goal was to gather Open Access journal publishers and discuss the problems they are facing in Slovakia. The workshop was carried out in English and Slovak. 

The main guest was Guillaume Rivalle from Clarivate Analytics who talked about supporting of publishing excellence, development of open access content in Slovak journals in the last 30 years and the increasing visibility and discoverability of Slovak authors. Ľubica Jedličková continued by presenting the main challenges in Open Access publishing in Slovakia, the current developments and stressed the need of performing SWOT analyses on existing journals. Pekka Olsbo, after giving an overview of the OA journal infrastructure in Finland and its funding,  gave the perspective of how national languages and locally important research must be kept alive, as part of the national infrastructure and heritage. Zuzana Stožická then gave a presentation on scholarly publishing issues such as law and ethics, open softwares for journals, giving a view of what OpenAIRE can offer to publishers and address data sharing issues. The last presentation by me (Silvia Horáková) was about the10 principles of Plan S and a selected feedback on Plan S made by OpenAIRE.

After all presentations participants gathered in the open café, sharing their problems and ideas for the future. Around 80 people attended the workshop, with 150 registrations for online attendance.

​Time April 11, 2019 09:00-15:00
Slovak Centre for Scientific and Technical Information, Lamačská cesta 8/A, 81104 Bratislava (SK)


09:30 - 11:00 Guillaume Rivalle  How the Web of Science Group supports publishing excellence
​11:20 - 11:50 Ľubica Jedličková (Vieme) Kam kráča svet vedeckého publikovania?
​11:50 - 12:20Pekka Olsbo Open Access Journals in Finland: Funding and Infrastructure
​​13:00 - 13:30 Zuzana Stožická Vedecké publikovanie, právo a etika
​13:30 - 13:40​Silvia Horáková Plán S a OpenAIRE
​13:40 - 15:00​Open café

Speakers and presentations

Guillaume Rivalle
Clarivate Analytics  

Video here (in ENG)

Ľubica Jedličková
Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra

Video here (in SK)

Pekka Olsbo
University of Oulu

Video here (in ENG)

Zuzana Stožická
Slovak Centre for Scientific and Technical Information

Video here (in SK)

Silvia Horáková
Slovak Centre for Scientific and Technical Information

Video here (in SK)

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