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Year in Review: PathOS


About PathOS: Launched in September 2022, PathOS is a three-year Horizon Europe project that brings together 10 partners to decode and measure the multifaceted impacts of Open Science (OS). With a focus on elucidating the causal dynamics within OS, the project caters to an audience spanning policymakers, researchers, and the wider scientific community. At its core, PathOS is about forging innovative methodologies and tools, and deepening understanding to shape impactful Open Science policies.

Developments: Over the course of our first year, PathOS activities revolved around a blend of both theoretical groundwork and practical application.

During this time, PathOS has crafted both a theoretical intervention logic framework and a practical OS Indicators Handbook, laying the foundation for our diverse case studies. Each of these studies, unique in its institutional framework, serves as a real-world testbed for our evolving work. Additionally, the project has embarked on developing a particular Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) approach, aiming to assign a monetary value to OS practices.

Major Accomplishments: 2023 was a busy year for the project and we are proud of the PathOS team's achievements throughout the year, which included:

  • Scoping Review: Completed a comprehensive review of the literature on Open Science impacts, setting a solid foundation for further project work.
  • Framework and Model Development: Built an initial intervention logic model for OS impact, laying the groundwork for an encompassing impact pathways model.
  • OS Indicator Handbook Launch: Introduced a handbook focusing on Open Science and reproducibility indicators along with preliminary outlines for impact indicators, to serve as a key tool for assessing OS impact.
  • Advancement of Case Studies: Developed and refined our six case studies, each providing a unique perspective and framework to effectively test and validate our work in varied contexts.
  • Expert Workshop, Focus Groups and Conference Presentations: Gathered expert insights to enhance the project's approach to OS impact assessment.
  • Initiation of Cost-Benefit Analysis: Developed a CBA methodology to evaluate the economic impact of OS practices.
  • PathOS Website Launch: Created a comprehensive project website to disseminate information and share our resources and key outputs.

2024 Objectives: In 2024, PathOS embarks on a pivotal journey, melding theoretical insights with practical application. This year will see us diving into rigorous data analysis through our diverse case studies, breathing life into the indicators from our OS Handbook. We are set to refine the Open Science Impact Pathways and CBA frameworks, transforming them into dynamic guides for OS's multifaceted impacts. Complementing this will be the release of preprints, offering in-depth scoping reviews on the academic, economic, and societal impacts of OS. PathOS will continue to integrate expert contributions, maintaining a constant feedback loop for shared understanding and validation.

Long-term Vision: By the end of the project, September 2025, PathOS aims to deliver practical methodologies and a comprehensive framework for the implementation of Open Science across countries and institutions. Through providing key resources for guiding OS policies towards more open and impactful practices, the project aspires to have a lasting impact in the development and broadening of the Open Science landscape.

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