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The OpenAIRE Content Provider Dashboard is a one-stop-shop for content providers to register and validate their data sources, subscribe and receive notifications to enrich the metadata or the content of the data source, and subscribe the OpenAIRE Usage Statistics service to view aggregated, cleaned usage stats for repository access.

The diversity of OpenAIRE services for content providers requires guidance on how to use the different tools to take full advantage of it. OpenAIRE support team is continuously delivering support resources dedicated to each service and functionality, aiming to provide guidance on how to use the services and how users can take benefits from them.

These resources deployed in the Support area of OpenAIRE portal can be found at:
Focusing on the OpenAIRE services for content providers, users can find guidance on how to register and validate their data source against the OpenAIRE Guidelines, on how to enrich the data sources metadata, among others, as listed below:

- How to validate and register your repository (
- How to enrich research artifacts (
- How to track the usage activity of your repository (
- Making your repository Open (about how to license repositories) (

Training resources:
- Repository Usage Statistics and the Open Research Analytics Service. Webinar presentation and recording.
- OpenAIRE Guidelines V4: OpenAIRE content providers managers Community Call. Webinar presentation and recording.
- Make your content count - OpenAIRE Content providers Dashboard: service for repository managers. Webinar presentation and recording.
- A user journey in OpenAIRE services through the lens of repository managers. Workshop presentations.

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