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Christina Xylogianni

Digital Librarian & Metadata Specialist

Christina Xylogianni holds a B.Sc. from the Department of Archival, Library and Information Studies in University of West Attica. She graduated in 2022 and started her M.Sc. studies in Information Management in Libraries, Archives and Museums in October 2023. She has worked as an archivist at the Institute of Commerce and Services, managing historical archives from many greek trade associations. She has also worked for Kuber as a legal records manager where she got familiar with legal procedures and records. During her time as an undergraduate, she took an interest in data analytics. That interest pushed her to join the research lab of the Department and, later, write her thesis for the “Development of an evaluation model for the performance of websites and social networks of libraries, archives & museums through web analytics”. She tries to be a part of the research community by writing papers and participating in projects.

Knowledge is power. Shared knowledge is empowering.