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Guides for OpenAIRE Services

EXPLORE - How to link a publication to your funding

  • What it is

    Linking is a functionality provided by OpenAIRE, in order to link research results with a project, a research community or other research results and make the new information available in OpenAIRE information Space.

    When you publish or deposit in Open Access you should use a fully OpenAIRE compatible repository. If you don't, use OpenAIRE Link service afterwards and associate your research results.

    The Link research results service aims to facilitate the creation of proper relations between publications, research data, software and projects in one single place.  

    You need to be a registered user to perform these tasks and to specifically link a publication to your funded project.

  • What it does

    Using the OpenAIRE Link research results service you can link publications or data to funded projects from over 20 funders integrated in the OpenAIRE information space.

    The OpenAIRE Link service facilitates you not only to link publications or data to funding, but also link publications with datasets and software.

    Link publications to funding is a easy to use functionality available in OpenAIRE Explore in which you can:

    • Link your publication to a project,
    • Link several publications to a project, or
    • Link one publication to several projects at the same time.
  • How can I use it?


    You need to be a registered user to link research results using the OpenAIRE Link service.

    Before you start link research results, you may verify if they are already linked. You can easily find it, using the Explore service as follows:

    1. Search for Projects
    2. Select your Project
    3. Check if your research results are linked to the project

    If you find out that some of your research results are not linked, then you can link them using the OpenAIRE Link service.

    OpenAIRE Link Service

    The Link Service includes three main steps to perform the link between your publication and funding:

    1. Select Projects or Communities
    2. Select Research Results
    3. Review metadata

    1. Select Projects or Communities

      • Choose Link Service from OpenAIRE Explore
      • Search for projects
            • Select a funder from the drop-down list
            • Search your project (by name / ID / acronym)
        claim select projects

    2. Select Research Results

      • Search for research results (in OpenAIRE information space, Datacite, CrossRef or ORCID), or
      • Upload a DOI csv file containing a list of DOIs

        claim select research results
      • Select the publication(s) you want to link on the plus button

        claim select publication

    3. Review metadata

    This is the final step in which you can:

      • Review the publication metadata (Change type and access mode) (optional), and
      • Finish and link the publication(s) to your funded project

        claim finish

        claim finish button


    Newly added links for OpenAIRE research results will be available on the next run of our algorithms.
    Links to external results (Crossref, Datacite, Orcid) are automatically added in OpenAIRE information space.

    Manage your links

    You can manage your links (see all your links, delete) in My Links personal area

  • More information

    Whenever you make these links you’re increasing visibility, access, transparency in all the process!

    All the publications accessible via OpenAIRE, and the references to these publications (with link to the project ID) are displayed automatically in the reporting section of the EC Participant Portal for the project.

    As such, it provides access to publications that have been deposited in all repositories that are technically interoperable with OpenAIRE.

    If you have any doubt or problem related to this matter, please contact your National Open Access Desk (NOAD)