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Jun 29, 2020

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OpenAIRE to collaborate with F1000 Research on the Open Research Europe Publishing Platform

Jun 29, 2020
Collectively promoting research results


In March 2020, F1000 Research was successfully awarded the contract to set up and manage the Open Research Europe publishing platform. F1000 Research will collaborate with Eurodoc, the Global Young Academy and LIBER to ensure to reach and engage with a diversity of researchers, across disciplines and career stages.

OpenAIRE is committed to supporting this platform on both a technical and networking level and is happy to concretise potential collaboration via this MoU. The European network will leverage its community to build awareness about the platform. Providing Europe’s researchers with a mechanism for free, transparent and quality publishing is a remit that OpenAIRE is fully committed to and we look forward to working together at a technical level to maximise interoperability in order to optimise access to research outputs.

Open Research Europe

F1000 MOU

The publishing platform will be accepting article submissions from Autumn 2020, with its official launch planned for early 2021.

The platform will provide an open access publishing service for Horizon 2020 and its beneficiaries – with all article processing fees paid directly by the EC. The platform will support the EC to achieve full open access to all the supported research. 

The platform will also offer an open and transparent peer-review process and have a mandatory FAIR data policy to provide full and easy access to the source data underlying the results.

The MoU between OpenAIRE and F1000 Research

F1000 Research and OpenAIRE agreed to collaborate to make the publications on the new platform fully visible, searchable and enriched with additional information. By linking to OpenAIRE’s corpus of publications, publications from ORE will be further exposed. 

Together, they will work on the following objectives:

  • integration of the EC grants’ information in ORE through OpenAIRE APIs
  • harmonisation of the grants classifications to be used in ORE with OpenAIRE reporting services
  • support automated deposition in ORE from the OpenAIRE content providers
  • align statistics display and if possible, integrate OpenAIRE usage stats in ORE
  • build strong relationships with the OpenAIRE NOADs as key stakeholders and conduits of information about the ORE platform

OpenAIRE will also contribute to the discussion around the sustainability of the platform in dedicated workshops and venues.

Who’s F1000 Research

F1000 Research Ltd provides innovative open access publishing platforms offering rapid publication and open peer review, whilst supporting data deposition and sharing for the research community.

F1000 Research Ltd’s own publishing platform, F1000Research, was launched in 2013 and was the first open research publishing platform combining the ability to publish rapidly with functionality to ensure transparency, robustness and reproducibility of research. F1000Research’s publishing model combines the benefits of ‘pre-printing’ (providing rapid publication) with quality and transparency (open data support and invited open peer review) and enables publication within days of submission, followed by open invited peer review. 

More information:

About OpenAIRE

OpenAIRE is the largest aggregator of European Commission funded research outputs and other national research outputs. It supports Open Science around Europe, and also delivers on-demand services for research communities, content providers and funders. OpenAIRE A.M.K.Ε. is a non-profit Open Science infrastructure in Europe. It was established to ensure a permanent presence and structure for European-wide Open Science support. Follow us on @openaire_eu.

For additional details, please contact Paolo Manghi (OpenAIRE CTO, paolo.manghi'at' or Najla Rettberg (OpenAIRE Network and Outreach Manager, najla.rettberg'at'