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Short Bio:
Iltifat Ibrahimov, is a leading specialist for the core applications and integrations at ADA University in Azerbaijan. He also works as senior consultant for digitization and library technologies at Azerbaijan Technical University. Iltifat also represent Follett School Solutions for Destiny Library Manager system in Azerbaijan exclusively and provides consultation and support for local institutions. Iltifat works as volunteer actively in as country coordinator and licensing coordinator in Azerbaijan. In addition, he was the Open Access coordinator of previously. He has over ten years’ experience in library management systems, RIFD systems, Open Access initiatives, digital repository systems, digitization, web design, academic databases, and discovery search tools.
Iltifat also organizes workshops and seminars to disseminate OA initiatives, help digitization, build digital repositories, and to assist academic publishing in OA journals. From starting 2023 he has been appointed country ambassador of Crossref in Azerbaijan and currently he supports organizations and researchers to provide the necessary information and consultation on how to use and benefit from Crossref services.
Azerbaijan Technical University, Azerbaijan
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Short Bio