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Training Coordinators

Community of Practice

informal network to share training experiences

The Community of Practice for Training Coordinators (CoP) is an informal network to share training experiences initiated by a group of people who coordinate training programmes in research domains and e-infrastructures. Together, the CoP aims to map out training activities of various pan-European, such as EOSC-related initiatives (and more recently initiatives beyond the European sphere), and strengthen their training capacity by improved alignment, sharing experiences and good practices, initiating cross-infrastructure training activities.

Background: One of the outcomes of the EUDAT project final conference was to set up several training workshops across Europe. The EUDAT team, along with OpenAIRE, proposed to continue collaboration, independent of projects, in a bottom-up initiative for the CoP. The idea was welcomed at the education and training group of the RDA and OpenAIRE has taken up coordination activities.

New activities in 2023

Through OpenAIRE's strong representation in the EOSC Future project, where OpenAIRE also leads training and skills, a decision was made to engage the CoP and establish two new task forces (TFs) that can benefit from the expertise available through the CoP. These two TFs and their mission statements are:

  • EOSC training: “to formulate a joint vision and a roadmap for training activities for EOSC and ensure it develops and operates a cross-discipline, cross-infrastructures network of training experts and aligned training activities; to develop good practices for training in EOSC, harmonising learning outcomes, identifying KPIs and measuring the impact of EOSC-related training; and EOSC train-the-trainer activities.” This TF is now running, and meeting monthly, providing a forum in which individuals interested in or doing EOSC-related training can come together. If you would like to learn more or get involved please contact us!
  • Quality assurance of training resources: “to co-create a checklist for quality assurance of training materials, such as materials review policies, prerequisites, continuous improvement based on feedback, responsibilities, etc.” This TF has now published an output which is being used within the EOSC Future project but is also of value to the open science community as a whole.

Besides these, there are a number of other activities being considered while the group also has monthly meetings in which different members present work that they are involved in. Please see below for details on when we meet and also how to join our community!


On 6 September 2018 the CoP was launched with a first online call. This call was followed up by a monthly call ever since. The CoP calls are about exchanging news about training related topics such as the EOSC training portal, new training offerings by projects or infrastructures, how to create badges, curricula, etc. As a member you receive an invite to the monthly calls.

During the DI4R in October 2018 the CoP organised a first face to face meeting: “Have a CoP of T in our cafe” (see here)Two other meetings took place at the Open Science FAIR in Porto (September 2019) on Making EOSC Training More FAIR and at the EOSC Symposium in Budapest (November 2019) on Skills development for EOSC - Competences and Training infrastructure for EOSC. A three-day workshop on Training in the EOSC in February 2020 in the Hague released recommendations on the Rules of Participation for training and practical guidance for training service providers. GDPR and training: How to organize GDPR compliant online events webinar took place in October. And How to effectively engage a community? session took place on November 18.

Virtual meetings

Previous meetings: Gdoc

Planned virtual meetings in 2023 (at 1400 CET):
  • 13 June
  • 11 July
  • 8 August
  • 12 Sept
  • 10 October
  • 14 November
  • 12 December
Slack channel
Slack channelThere is a Slack channel available by invitation for the members of the CoP for discussing topics, e.g. new train the trainer toolkits and share news.


Since the start of the CoP in September 2018, training coordinators from several projects, including those contributing to the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC), e.g. EOSCpilot, EOSC-hub, and those involved in other European projects have participated. Membership has grown to include a very diverse group from diverse backgrounds and includes some members from outside Europe too The CoP is for training coordinators in communities, projects and research infrastructures and in the list below the current members are listed with their affiliation, project or research infrastructure. If you would like to learn more or are interested in joining, please get in touch! Membership is free and activities are community driven.
How to become a member

Send an email to Iryna Kuchma (iryna.kuchma [at] or Theodora Kavvadia (theodora.kavvadia [at]

Current members

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