In the 2010, within the RCAAP project activities it was produced a report on the subject of research data: "Open data Repositories: State of the Art". This study marked the beginning of the RCAAP intervention on the domain of data curation generated by research activities, its organization in scientific data repositories and their access. Besides collecting updated information on the subject and the most relevant initiatives related to the management and access to scientific data through repositories, the objective of this document was also to inform and guide the development of a pilot project repository of scientific data.
Currently, there are 51 scientific open access repositories in a production stage and aggregated in the national portal - RCAAP Portal. At local level, there are also known some initiatives and pilot projects regarding research data in early stages of development. See also: RCAAP (pilot) R3DATA.
There are some domain specific data repositories like, a portuguese e-infrastructure for biological data and the Portuguese ELIXIR node, that supports the national scientific system through best practices in data management and state of the art data analysis. It interfaces with both academia and industry, making research available for innovation, namely in sectors such as agro-food and forestry, sea, and health.
Other good example is PORTULAN CLARIN another infrastructure for Science and Technology of Language, which is include in the National Infrastructure Strategic Roadmap and part of the International Infrastructure CLARIN ERIC.
At the institutional level the implementation of these data management supporting infrastructures is still not very expressive, as we have been able to find out from the source of data repository registries in r3data. We point out the data repository of the University of Minho (DataRepositoriUM), recently presented early this year (February 2020), based on the dataverse software
Even so, there are some examples related to research data support, as for the development and training on how to better create a data management plan and all the steps to be taken along the research project and, some tools developed at the academia level, in order to better suit researchers in some specific areas. One example is the Dendro platform.
Another example came from Faculty of Social and Human Sciences - University of Lisbon where studies are in course,  either related to the study of supporting infrastructures on RDM for social sciences (DESIR project associated to the European infrastructure DARIAH ). The University of Aveiro is putting in place a strategy  to empower their staff, on a 1st level, with the necessary skills in order to provide a robust and knowledgeable answer to their research community experiences doubts and questions.
At a national level there’s a plan of action that is going to be discussed during the present year (2020),  in the 6th Research Data Management Fórum,  dedicated to the infrastructures of the national roadmap, aiming the national science and technology infrastructures, in order to strengthen national alignment with international initiatives in this area.

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