There are four national data centres registered in the re3data database. Two of these collect climate and environmental data (Environment Climate Data, ECDS and Bolin Centre Database), one is for the Life Sciences (National Bioinformatics Infrastructure Sweden (NBIS)), and one, the Swedish National Data Service (SND), is a service organisation for researchers within the Humanities, Social Sciences and Health Sciences. SND, hosted by Gothenburg University, is a national resource that facilitates access to new and existing research data from researchers in Sweden and internationally . SND also provides support to researchers in Sweden throughout the process of data management. Some of the HEIs like the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Lund University and Stockholm University, have already adopted or are planning to adopt a local strategy for managing and storing research data. Also, some HEIs are already using their local database or DiVA for storing small datasets.

Another national infrastructure for research data is SNIC, the Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing. SNIC provides resources and user support for large scale computation and data storage to meet the needs of researchers from all scientific disciplines and from all over Sweden. Also, SUNET, the Swedish University Computer Network, provides Swedish HEIs with access to national and international data communication, national academic identity infrastructure and related services. For instance, SUNET has signed a consortium agreement with ORCID Inc, so that all libraries and research organisations in Sweden have access to ORCID’s technical system.

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