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Data reuse

stories & use cases

In OpenAIRE we are collecting a series of stories, use cases and other relevant resources that report the process of data reuse, trying to demonstrate and describe experiences (successful or not) of reuse of a variety of research data, as well as associated assumptions and implications. This work is being developed by the RDM Task Force - Data Reuse Working Group. The number of use cases will expand over time.

Legal Policy Webinars

Supporting researchers on the reuse of data: legal aspects to consider

Legal aspects on reusing data

Webinar aimed at PhD students / researchers

Recommendations for researchers on reusing data - legal aspects: what you need to know about GDPR and PSI Directive - common misperceptions and troubleshooting - practical examples.

How to advise researchers

Webinar aimed at research support staff

What are relevant things to know when it comes to GDPR, new PSI directive and IPR - how to advise researchers - common misperceptions and troubleshooting - practical examples.