Apr 26, 2022
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ARGOS: What have we learned so far about DMPs in Europe?

Apr 26, 2022

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Dive into the European Data Management Planning landscape and learn how Argos contributes. 

Motivation: DMP outputs are an integral component of the ‘Web of FAIR data’, serve as the focal point for qualified references between research outputs, and are auto-generated and exploitable at the level of individual datasets described in their contents.

Prioritising over individual datasets:  Argos, an OpenAIRE service that simplifies the creation, management, validation and monitoring of Data Management Plans (DMPs), was since its conception designed to support semantic tagging and exploitability of DMP outputs in a granular manner since it distinctly addresses not only DMPs as a whole but also Open and FAIR information about all datasets described in single DMPs. This is possible through the Dataset Editor it incorporates in DMPs and is now standardised through the application of the RDA DMP Common Standard.  

Argos machine-actionable DMPs: The Data Documentation Initiative  (DDI) defines ‘machine actionable’ as “...information that is structured in a consistent way so that machines, or computers, can be programmed against the structure.” In DMPs, there is a significant difference between DMP Templates designed for plain text formatted outputs and DMP Templates that meet machine actionable output requirements. The second allows  DMPs to be further interpretable by machines than with other types of formats.

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Bringing apt & timely solutions: Argos is in sync with the global Research Data Management (RDM)  and DMP landscape to timely communicate ideas that enhance current practices, and equally respond to issues and challenges arising. The following table highlights areas with gaps and/or inconsistent DMP practices as reported in “Data Management Plans in Horizon 2020: what beneficiaries think and what we can learn from their experience” and “Monitoring the open access policy of Horizon 2020” explaining how Argos addresses them to publish more complete, aligned and exploitable DMPs in Open Science and FAIR research ecosystems.

Bonus! Argos automates the writing of DMPs

Finally, the latest developments of Argos simplify the DMP writing process. Researchers are assisted with the collection of validated data information found scattered across the different steps of RDM lifecycles, and more specifically of the datasets that are deposited in. Argos has launched a pre-filling mechanism that automatically answers questions on the DMP template when selecting to describe Zenodo datasets and software. This feature provides minimum FAIR compliance at the level of the different distributions covered in a single dataset e.g. host, access rights, licenses, etc.

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Note: To learn more about Argos' new features, check our blog “Argos automates the writing of DMPs!

To structure and publish machine-actionable DMP Templates, contact argos[at]openaire[dot]eu.

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