EGI2016: Third Community Workshop on Open Science Cloud

Location: Science Park, Amsterdam

Date: 7 April 09:00-15:30 (Registration deadline: 1 April)

Description: THEME: "Connecting users and providers in the EOSC"

The third community workshop on the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) addresses the theme of how scientific users and service providers can each benefit from a demand/supply model to create and offer a web of innovative services for Open Science. What services should the EOSC offer and to whom, that the current eco-system is not yet delivering?

Session 1. Scientific market demand. What will scientists and their community service providers need from the EOSC of the future and who do they expect to provide these services? A group of scientists and community service providers (RIs) will bring the perspective of the scientist to identify gaps and priorities: what is new and should be developed?

Session 2. Innovating with the EOSC. What are the new capabilities that could be offered? This session examines new services for the EOSC: innovators will be invited to showcase examples of innovative services that can be offered to support their research process, from experiment to publication, in the EOSC. Are these meeting a demand? Innovators will be invited to present their vision, and in a panel these ideas will be challenged by discussing how these ideas can support better open science processes.

Session 3. Organizing the service ecosystem. It is acceptedt hat the EOSC should federate existing initiatives and open them to new providers, where researchers can become providers of services for researchers, according to the Open Science participatory principle. This session will start to address what the rules of engagement for service providers and service consumers within EOSC should be:
What does it mean to be a service provider in the EOSC? At which level in the EOSC should services be federated and made interoperable? What level of standardization can be realistically achieved across heterogeneous services? What level of standardisation is really necessary for Open Science?

The third community workshop on the European Open Science is organized with the support RI cluster initiatives (ASTERISC, CORBEL, ENVRIplus, PARTHENOS), e-Infrastructures and EIROforum organizations (CERN and EMBL-EBI).

For timetable, registration and more info please click here.

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