Eleni Koulocheri

Project Manager

Eleni holds a degree in Mathematics from the University of Athens (2003) and an M.Sc. in Information Systems from the Hellenic Open University (2011), where, from 2011, she is PhD Student in Learning Analytics.Since 2004, she has worked at NCSR “Demokritos”, where she was also involved in the management of over 15 european or national funded projects in various fields.From 2013, she is associated with University of Athens and Athena Research and Innovation Center, in which she works with similar duties in EU projects (including all series of OpenAIRE projects) spanning throughout their life cycle (theme development, consortium building, proposal preparation and submission, project management and implementation, financial administration and technical support, web-design, coordination of teams, dissemination activities, ex-post evaluation and audit).

"The manager’s function is not to make people work, but to make it possible for people to work.” Tom DeMarco

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