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Executive Board

Elli Papadopoulou

Open Science Research Associate, Athena Research Center
EB Member, liaison for Standing Committee Services & Technology

Elli is a digital librarian and research associate at the Institute for the Management of Information Systems of Athena Research Center. Her academic background is in Library Science and Information Systems (BSc) and in Public Policy and Public Management (MSc). Elli is active in Open Science from 2013 and for the past 7 years supports awareness, adoption and implementation of policies and best practices across the Greek academic and research communities serving as the OpenAIRE representative in Greece (NOAD-GR). She enjoys collaborating with colleagues on Open and FAIR Research Data Management through RDA, managing the ARGOS DMP service and serving as a member at the EOSC-A FAIR Metrics and Data Quality Task Force. In EOSC, she has contributed to policy, technical conceptualisation and implementation activities in different projects since the very beginning of EOSCpilot.

OpenAIRE offers a powerful resource to public research that can be accessed and exploited by everyone. As a librarian, I can better support students and academic staff in finding scientific information, and I can actively contribute to curating the OpenAIRE Graph and feed it with rich metadata and links with other research outputs, activities, individuals. As a researcher, I can use OpenAIRE to build added value services, such as ARGOS, to enhance FAIR and machine actionability in EOSC.