Video Statements on Open Science

Are you interested in linking from life sciences publications to associated data and funding  information? At the click of a button get connected to research results?

Check out what we are doing linking publications to data in the life sciences:

OpenAIRE is looking for short video statements on this subject, how you view the whole idea of visibility of research output.

We’d like to present and embed the voice of research during the OpenAIRE Conference 2012 in November (attended by funders of research and big decision makers   People will be listening to you!

For example, how do view open science? Do you think linking data is important in the future? If you’d like to send us a comment on how you do your research, how you view open access, what we could do to change it and meet your needs, please do get in touch. Feel free to be as honest and controversial as you like – the more futuristic the better!

OpenAIRE is a EC funded initiative that works to promote open access to scholarly publications and research data. All in the effort to make science more open.

Length: 60 secs

Deadline: 14 November

License: A CC-BY license will be applied to all video statements

contact: Najla Rettberg


Statement contributors are simply filming themselves via webcam. This is very easy to do from your pc  or mac.

Use Our simple guide:

- Use a simple webcam or a video camera min. 1.3mp web cam and in 720p

Duration: 1-2 minutes

Use de most common video file extensions


You can use the YouTube guide to recording here:

- Apple users with iMovie/Photo Booth

- Windows users with Windows Movie Maker;answer=1297294

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