OpenAIRE releases version 2.0 of the OpenAIRE Guidelines

The OpenAIRE Guidelines 2.0 provide the OpenAIRE compatibility to repositories and aggregators.
By implementing these Guidelines, repository managers are facilitating the authors who deposit their publications in the repository in complying with the EC Open Access requirements. For developers of repository platforms, the Guidelines provide guidance to add supportive functionalities for authors of EC-funded research in future versions.

In comparison with previous versions of the Guidelines, version 2.0 introduces two main changes:

  1. Support for aggregators to become OpenAIRE compatible in order to expose their metadata to the OpenAIRE infrastructure.
  2. Extended namespace for project identification. The extended namespace is intended to support a generic way of expressing project information, allowing its use not only for EC/FP projects, but ideally for any funder and project (national or international). Although the use of the extended namespace is recommended, repositories and journals that are already OpenAIRE compatible will remain compatible with no additional work, by using only the mandatory parts (which are the same as in the OpenAIRE Guidelines 1.1).

Regarding this second point, to express project information, in future versions of the Guidelines more sustainable solutions will be sought. This may include the introduction of vocabularies for funders and funding programmes, the presentation of this information in a linked data fashion and compatibility with the CERIF standard.

If you have comments or experiences with the implementation of the Guidelines, OpenAIRE would like to receive them. Please send your feedback to Eloy Rodrigues (UMINHO).

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