Interoperability Workshop - University of Minho, 7/8 February 2013

OpenAIRE interoperability workshop

Interoperability is the technical “glue” that makes possible the emerging open science infrastructure – an infrastructure that connects a global, decentralised network of repositories and other tools. While technology exists to make possible this integration, the landscape around interoperability is complex, and continually evolving.

OpenAIREplus wants to define and implement a way "to talk" to data-infrastructures (primarily for fetching of metadata about research data, secondary to provide feedback resulting from metadata enhancements).

This 2 day workshop will concentrate on interoperability between research infrastructures, namely between literature and data repositories. A fuller understanding of how data repositories can communicate with each other is an important milestone in OpenAIREplus.

The workshop will be hosted by the University of Minho as part of an umbrella Open Access Seminar with the MedOAnet conference. This will also serve to promote synergies between the projects.

The goals of the OpenAIRE workshop are two-fold:

  1. Dissemination and awareness of OpenAIRE repository manager guidelines and upcoming OpenAIREplus data sources guidelines.
  2. A technical discussion about the challenges and approaches to interoperability faced by OpenAIRE. Selected data sources will be present and the focus on discussions will be on how to create links, the challenges involved and how to prioritize. Other topics of discussion will include metadata formats, usage statistics, unique IDs, input/output formats, interpretation of enhanced publications.

Who: NOADs (OpenAIRE National Open Access Desks), Repository managers (both data and literature) interested in automated exchange of metadata between publishers, repositories (subject-based and institutional) and OpenAIRE portal,  CRIS (Current Research Information Systems) managers, open science advocates


Day One – Feb 7th (UMinho OA seminar)

09:00 - Opening Session
University of Minho Rector, António Cunha
Representative from European Commission, Jean-François Dechamp

09:30/11:00 - Open Access policies in Europe

Implementing an OA policy at university level: the Liègè experience – Bernard Rentier, University of Liège

Defining and implementing an OA policy by national funders – Danila Baldessari, Fondazione Telethon

Open Access policies in Europe and around the world: Where do we stand? – Alma Swan, EOS (Enabling Open Scholarship)

Coffee Break

11.30/13:00 - MedOANet and Open Access in Mediterranean Countries

Overview of MedOANET project – Victoria Tsoukala, National Documentation Centre (EKT)

Overview of OA in Mediterranean Countries and OA Tracker – Paola Gargiulo and Ilaria Fava, CINECA

Conclusions from the Workshop – Eloy Rodrigues, University of Minho

Buffet Lunch

14:00/16:00 - Open Science, Open Data and Repositories

Science as Open Enterprise – Geoffrey Boulton, University of Edimburg

Why Open Data Means Better Science – Jenny Molloy, Open Knowledge Foundation

Open Science: challenges and opportunities for open access repositories – Alicia Lopez Medina, COAR

Coffee Break

16:30/17:30 - OpenAIREplus – Linking, integrating and enriching research outcomes

The Services of the OpenAIREplus Infrastructure for Scholarly Communication: data management and end-user functionality – Paolo Manghi, ISTI-CNR and Natalia Manola, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

OpenAIRE Guidelines for Data Archive Managers – Mikael Elbæk, Technical University of Denmark

Linking data to publications: lessons learned from a pilot implementation – Donatella Castelli, ISTI-CNR

20h00 - Seminar Dinner, University of Minho – Braga

Day Two - Feb 8th (OpenAIRE Interoperability Workshop)

Logo openaire09:00/10:30

"The CRIS-Repository connection: possibilities and values" – Ed Simons and Danica Zendulkova, euroCRIS
"Introducing PRIME:Publisher, Repository and Institutional Metadata Exchange" – Brian Hole, Ubiquity Press
ENGAGE: An Infrastructure for Open, Linked Governmental Data Provision towards Research Communities and Citizens – Nikos Houssos, National Documentation Centre (EKT)/euroCRIS
Coffee Break


"View from DataCite" – Herbert Gruttemeier, INIST-CNRS

"EUDAT data architecture and interoperability aspects" – Daan Broeder, EUDAT

"Connecting data repositories and publishers for data publication" – Sarah Callaghan, BADC: PREPARDE project

"Connecting GESIS research data and publication information systems" – Katarina Boland, GESIS

Buffet Lunch

14:00/15:30 - Breakout Sessions

A) National Open Access Desks (OpenAIRE NOADs)

B) Technical

16:00/17:00 Summaries and 'Next steps' – Donatella Castelli & Norbert Lossau


Social programme – “Discover Guimarães”

Informal Dinner (self paid), Guimarães

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