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OpenAIRE AMKE partner in EnerMaps project

OpenAIRE is a proud partner in the recently launched EnerMaps project. The EnerMaps project enriches existing energy databases to promote trans-disciplinary research and develops partnerships between researchers and the energy professionals.

After a virtual kick-off in April 2020, the EnerMaps website is now live! 


Enermaps banner

EnerMaps was created after observing the lack of clarity and simple access to digitally available energy related data. This issue contributes to slowed-down research, projects and policy making. 

EnerMaps will study energy data management, selecting and quality-checking fifty energy datasets and create the opportunity to share and enrich existing energy databases and reuse them easily. A training and networking program related to energy data will start in conjunction with the development of the EnerMaps tool, to empower both lead and end-users (energy actors) to (re)use and develop further energy data. 

Adding Open Science! In the project, OpenAIRE will deploy its extensive experience to create a Research Community Dashboard to make the energy related datasets  more visible and accessible. 


The results of this project will be the creation of one EnerMaps data management tool divided in two platforms: 

  • EnerMaps Gateway: research by publications and datasets produced. 
  • EnerMaps Visualisation Tool: research by location through an interactive map with all energy resources available

EnerMaps website

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