Success Story: Disseminating research via OpenAIRE

central csic madridResearchers can find compliance to funding agencies' OA demands a challenge. The Spanish National Research Council, CSIC, has come up with innovative ways of supporting them to deposit articles and make them visible in OpenAIRE.
Providing support to the Spanish National Research Council, CSIC, researcher community to comply with funding agencies’ open access mandates has been at the core of the repository DIGITAL.CSIC content growth strategy since 2011. Particular emphasis has been placed on monitoring EC and ERC FP7 open access pilot projects.


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For the last 4 years, DIGITAL.CSIC Technical Office has grown a variety of support material, training activities and copyright advice services at the disposal of CSIC scientific and technical community to facilitate their compliance with these open access requirements. For example:
  • Tagging publications:  Delegated Archiving Service provided by the repository’s office and the CSIC network of research libraries has proved a powerful driver to make sure that the resulting outputs are available in open access as required  and they are properly described and tagged in DIGITAL.CSIC so that OpenAIRE is able to identify and harvest them easily.
  • Depositing final copies: In other instances, when CSIC authors have chosen the open access publishing route, a final copy has been added to the repository to keep the record of these projects as complete as possible in the institutional platform.      
Providing over 2,000 publications to OpenAIRE
CSIC has participated in 138 research projects funded by the Seventh Framework Programme (2008-2013) which included the 39 special clause about open access to resulting peer-reviewed articles. By monitoring CSIC-authored articles and by depositing them in DIGITAL.CSIC, the institutional repository has become one of the most active data providers for OpenAIRE, according to publications statistics displayed in the portal. DIGITAL.CSIC is one of OpenAIRE's top data providers, in both FP7 and ERC. These publications classifications by data provider include aggregators, open access publishers and institutional and subject repositories.  

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Taking the Green Route
As far as CSIC authored publications are concerned, most of these 138 projects resorted to the institutional repository to reaching wider dissemination while observing publisher’s green open access policies. Amongst those with high number of works available, it is worth mentioning GUMS&JOINTSHERMIONE and many more. At the same time, DIGITAL.CSIC Technical Office and CSIC libraries community have promoted the deposit of works from FP7 projects  without the open access clause as it has been the case for  MOBY-DIC and BIAMFOOD. 

Preparing Researchers 
Backed with this experience, last year DIGITAL.CSIC reinforced this strategy in order to keep pace with Horizon2020 funded CSIC projects and support compliance with its  open access mandate and open data pilot project.  In this regard, the most widely requested service thus far refers to advice when preparing open access dissemination plans at the proposals preparation stage and monitoring of first approved projects will kick off in the upcoming weeks.  In addition, a few resources have been produced to guide researchers like FAQs  and training material .





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The repository was launched in January 2008 as the result of the signing by CSIC Presidency of the Berlin Declaration in 2006. The institutional repository of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) organizes, preserves and provides open access to the research outputs by CSIC scientific community. The repository reflects the multidisciplinarity of the organization and is structured in 8 broad research areas and one that gathers resources by CSIC Governing Bodies. The most widely represented research areas in DIGITAL.CSIC are Natural Resources, Humanities and Social Sciences and Agricultural Sciences. The repository develops under the umbrella of the CSIC Unit of Information Resources for Research and counts with the active participation of CSIC Libraries Network and CSIC 120+ research institutes across Spain.   


Isabel Bernal, DIGITAL.CSIC Manager, Unit of Information Resources for Research, CSIC
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