See how OpenAIRE enriches research products with additional metadata

In the context of the global information space, content providers face new challenges to manage their collections, namely the interoperability with other interfaces, the metadata exposition and the impact measure of their collections.

Regarding the quality of metadata, the OpenAIRE Provide service offers to repository managers a very useful functionality to enrich their collections with additional metadata, the Broker Service.

OpenAIRE Broker Service

OA BrokerBroker Service - a powerful tool that enables Content providers to enrich research products with additional metadata.
It is a subscription-notification service operating on top of the OpenAIRE Graph, a de-duplicated, enriched, linked, open scholarly communication graph.

The Broker Service is available to use via the OpenAIRE Content Provider Dashboard. Thanks to the Broker,  repositories, publishers or aggregators can exchange metadata and enrich their local metadata collection by subscribing to notifications of different types. The Broker is able to notify providers when the OpenAIRE Graph contains information that is not available in the original collection of the data source.
In particular, the data source manager can subscribe via the Content Provider Dashboard and be notified about:

  • Additional PIDs of its publications (e.g. DOIs)
  • Links to projects
  • ORCID that can be associated to an author of datasource publications
  • Links to Open Access versions
  • Additional classification subjects (e.g. subjects from standard schemes like ACM, JEL and DDC)
  • Links to datasets
  • Missing publication dates

The following image describes the two categories of enrichment events (More and Missing) and the events types in production (already available for content providers managers) and also those that are being developed to find additional links between research results , as links to datasets, software and publications.

Broker Enrichment Events

Repositories are interested in acquiring metadata that improves their collection of metadata records, because it enriches the records they already have with extra metadata information. Repository managers can subscribe to the service to receive notifications about records “assigned to them” and specify topics and how and when to be notified.


Dashboard for Content Providers

A one-stop-shop web service where the OpenAIRE content providers interact with OpenAIRE research graph and infrastructure.
It provides the front-end access to many of OpenAIRE's backend services with the following user value:

1) Enhanced repository collections and content for more visibility and access,
2) Improved institution memory, 
3) Better institution research assessment,
4) Compliance with funder rules.

Access the service at: 
More detailed information at:

Useful support resources

Content Providers Community Call (February 5th, 2020)

How to enrich research artifacts

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