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  • Funding : 15 148 288,00 EUR
  • Duration: 36 months
  • Start date: 2024-02-14
  • Project ID: LC-02474276
The Open Science Agora Consortium, led by Athena Research and Innovation Center, and with EGI Foundation, OpenAIRE AMKE, and Netcompany Intrasoft SA as key partners, has been selected by the European Commission DG-CNECT to build, deploy and operate the Core Federation Services of the EOSC EU Node.
The 36-month project will effectively offer six (6) Managed Services:
  1. Web Portal, Training Platform (LMS) accompanied by a User Personal Workspace that allows researchers to customise for their own dedicated use.
  2. Registries for services, tools, data sources with PIDs resolution, all linked and accessible through a Metadata Knowledge Graph.
  3. Application Workflow Management and Tools Market to assist researchers in running their services using resources directly provided by the EU EOSC Node.
  4. Identity Management (Single-Sign-On) for the EOSC Node and support for Federated Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure (AAI).
  5. Monitoring and Accounting Systems, fit to accommodate emerging business models.
  6. Service Management System comprising components for helpdesk, policy compliance, assessment and assurance framework, and security coordination.
To provide an all-encompassing solution to the European research community, the Open Science Agora Consortium will closely collaborate with the winners of the complementary Lots (Lot 2 - Exchange Infrastructure Services for the EOSC EU Node, and Lot 3 - Exchange Application Services for the EOSC EU Node) to ensure all services provided from them are seamlessly accessed by all users through the EOSC portal.
The strength of the Open Science Agora Consortium lies in the experience of its partners, who are well embedded in the EOSC ecosystem both at the EU and national levels, having been involved in building infrastructures and providing EC professional services for more than 15 years. Recognising the duty to provide the EU EOSC Node, which could serve as a model for the EOSC ecosystem, all partners and subcontractors acknowledge their responsibility to use, modify, reassess, and reposition the existing EOSC technology accordingly. This will guarantee that the vision of EOSC is materialised in practice for the millions of scientists in the EU.

Service Contracts