EOSC Future

H2020 project aiming to combine various initiatives and projects in the field of EOSC (European Open Science Cloud) development. The initiative of the European Commission assumes the development of infrastructure providing users with services that promote open science practices. The project consortium consists of 36 partners.

EOSC Future will build on the existing baseline for the European Open Science Cloud to deliver a platform with a durable set of user-friendly components that are designed for the long haul. We will adopt a system-of-systems approach to the EOSC platform, linking together other research portals, resources and services to respond to the data needs of a wide range of researchers.

One way to think about EOSC is as a fully operational web of data and related services founded on FAIR protocols, principles and standards for accessing interoperable datasets. In practice, we will work with key stakeholders to ensure a smooth user experience, developing:

  • EOSC core, the set of enabling services needed to operate the EOSC
  • EOSC exchange registering resources and services from research infrastructures, other EOSC projects and science clusters to the EOSC and integrating them with the EOSC core functionalities
  • the EOSC interoperability framework will provide guidelines for providers that want to integrate services or data into EOSC

We will engage with users throughout the different development stages to make sure the EOSC matches researchers’ needs and is intuitive. We’ll also provide support and training to make sure users can make the most of the EOSC platform.

  • Project ID:
  • Start date:
    Mar 31, 2021
  • Duration:
    30 months
  • Funding:
    42 877 088,83 Euros

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