EOSC Portal: OpenAIRE’s contribution to the EOSC implementation

The European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) launch event on 23 November 2018 at the University of Vienna is organised by the European Commission and hosted by the Austrian Presidency. It is the inauguration of the EOSC and marks the conclusion of a long process of consultation and reflection with stakeholders.

The event will stress the relevance of the EOSC for the advancement of research in Europe by introducing the new EOSC Portal that provides access to EOSC information and services. The how-to-use and the added value that the EOSC Portal brings will be showcased with the aid of live demonstrators. Moreover, during the EOSC launch event, the newly appointed EOSC Governance Board will be presented.

The EOSC Portal

The EOSC portal represents the initial step towards the EOSC implementation, putting into practice EC’s vision for Open Science, Open Innovation and Open to the world and by bringing convergence to a fragmented research ecosystem, hence fostering and monitoring FAIR rules of participation and allowing for economies of scale to flourish.

The portal is a universal entry point to effective and efficient services, data and resources that researchers working in science and technology need to perform their science in a collaborative, open and cost-efficient way for the benefit of society and the public.

OpenAIRE, an EOSC pillar

OpenAIRE promotes and contributes to the EOSC by fostering the culture of FAIR data and data management, by developing the skills needed to fully exploit the potential of the EOSC and, by empowering its network of NOADs to support the transition to a new paradigm for research in Europe.

OpenAIRE is one of the four key players that have developed the EOSC Portal. The others three are EOSC-hub, eInfraCentral and EOSCpilot projects. OpenAIRE will also play an instrumental role in the maintenance of the portal, as it is part of its editorial board.

In this context, OpenAIRE services will be accessible via the EOSC Portal and powered through the eInfraCentral Catalogue. This way, our services - comprising all OpenAIRE’s dashboards, usage statistics, compatibility guidelines and many others - will be available to more research communities and user groups. In addition to this, and leveraging OpenAIRE’s ongoing work in monitoring Open Science at the national level, OpenAIRE will feed the EOSC Portal with information about various policy matters and initiatives at the national level.

Visit www.eosc-portal.eu and follow on twitter @eoscportal
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