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Fostering Collaboration for EOSC implementation 



26th to 28th of November 2019 Budapest, Hungary, at Danubius Hotel Helia

Why the EOSC Symposium?

OpenAIRE representation:

The EOSC Symposium is one of the largest, yearly EOSC events. It is co-organised by the EOSCsecretariat and OpenAIRE, EOSC-hub, GEANT and PRACE in collaboration with the EOSC Governance Board, Executive Board and its Working Groups (ArchitectureFAIRLandscapeRules of ParticipationSustainability.)

Natalia Manola, OpenAIRE & EOSC Executive Board and Emma Lazzeri, Italian National Research Council (CNR) & OpenAIRE are representing OpenAIRE in the event, as members of the program committee.


Why is it important?

Where is OpenAIRE active?

The EOSC Symposium represents a fundamental milestone in the EOSC roadmap. It builds on the legacy of the former Digital Infrastructure for Research (DI4R) event series and the EOSC Stakeholder Forum events organised by the EOSCPilot project.

OpenAIRE is coordinating sessions on:

  1. Open Science policies
  2. EOSC Key Exploitable results
  3. EOSC Skills and Training Session (pt 1 and 2)

Come and Find us there!

We will be giving answers to these questions:

The Symposium aspires to bring together the shakers and makers in the growing EOSC community to provide answers to the most frequently asked questions about EOSC:

  • What is EOSC going to give me that I don’t have today?
  • How are the main issues and opportunities in the EOSC Strategic Implementation Plan being addressed? 
  • Are there still gaps in the EOSC landscape to fill in? 
  • Is EOSC really contributing to the grand societal challenges addressed by science? 
  • Are the links between data and HPC initiatives becoming stronger and stronger? 
  • What are the business models and governance regulating EOSC? 
  • Who will benefit from EOSC? Is it just for researchers?
  • Do enterprise players see a role for themselves in EOSC and how ?
  • What is the role of national and thematic research infrastructures in the EOSC arena? 
  • Is FAIR just a buzzword? 

Registration is now open.

Find out more here.


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